The Inspection Process

The Inspection Process

I inspect all these features in and around your home under our Basic Service Package and an average home inspection will take from 2 to 4 hours

Includes all venting systems, type and condition of roof surface, type and condition of eaves. While I prefer to go up on the roof for a detailed inspection of the entire area current regulations limit certain types of roof access without installed fall restraint systems. So I make it a policy to carry out the inspection along the accessible edges at several locations to determine the roof surface condition as best as possible unless the structure is a single story unit with a low to medium pitch roof. I will make an exception if I feel the roof surface can be safely accessed if it is more than one story tall. Snow cover, recent rained on still wet roofs, Metal, Tile or Slate roof surfaces, as well as adverse weather conditions can further limit my full evaluation of the roof surface.

Includes condition of a good representation of all windows, all exterior doors, type and condition of exterior cladding, potential areas of moisture intrusion, air conditioner, all utility entrances, all window wells and exterior water taps.

Includes an estimated surface grading away from the main structure, condition of all downspouts and possible vegetation encroachment to the building.

Includes all approaches to property, sidewalk condition, driveway condition, attached ground level deck areas up to 100 square feet, basic structural condition, railings, guard spacing and stair quality.

Includes condition of exterior walls if accessible, drainage, HVAC, condition of structure where accessible.

Included in this inspection are all exposed floor joists, support structure, exposed footings, foundation, and or grade beam. Also inspected are any electrical, sewer drainage, water and HVAC systems that might be routed in the crawl space.

Includes roof venting, condition of interior roof structure, quality and type of insulation. Also inspected are any electrical, sewer drainage, water and HVAC systems that might be routed in the attic area.

Includes main panel, all functioning accessable electric lights and outlets, all functioning appliances.

Includes all functioning taps, toilets, tubs, showers and sinks and their accessible traps and drains.

General functional condition of a good representation of all accessable windows, interior doors, walls, ceilings and floors.

If the home I inspect has pets and they are friendly then so am I. I will check first because while pets can be friendly with the owner around there are times when strangers moving about can confuse and frighten them causing them to become aggressive. I will also evaluate the property to ensure my client’s pet will also be safe. As a bonus if my client provides me with a current picture of your pet and their name I will donate 5 percent of your service fee to D’arcys A.R.C.

Inspection will be provided at no additional charge for one structure under 500 square feet.

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