Stopping Mould Growth in Carpeting

Mould issues cause many problems, not to mention also posing a real health risk. With good reason then, we want to do all we can to prevent it from forming in our homes. One area that we may not always think about when it comes to mould is carpeting. However, carpet, given the right conditions, is the perfect environment for mould growth. How can we prevent this from happening?

Let’s think about ideal conditions mould needs to thrive, it loves a warm, humid environment, so think about areas in your home which would be more likely to have these conditions. The bathroom is an obvious place as well as the basement (if its prone to damp). Instead of installing carpet in these areas, you might want to choose an alternative flooring type like solid vinyl flooring or tile.

The quality of flooring will also play a role. For example, select under carpet padding that is high quality and sturdy. It’s also wise to select one that contains antimicrobial elements.

Any water or liquid that has been spilled on a carpet, if not cleaned immediately, could provide those mould growing conditions. Check that the carpet, padding and floor underneath is cleaned and completely dried. Although carpeting will need to be cleaned every so often, in the same way, make sure all layers of flooring are thoroughly dried or, better still, use a dry-cleaning type of method.

We all want our homes to be a comfortable place to be and carpet can provide that comfort but take care to maintain it well and prevent mould from being any type of issue with your carpet.

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