Ozone Odour Treatment

Ozone Odour Treatment

What exactly is Ozone Odour Treatment?

What exactly is Ozone?

Ozone (O3), is a colorless gas and, is the second strongest oxidizer on the planet. It has the unique ability to destroy bacteria, viruses and odours. In slightly elevated levels ozone is used in some airports and municipal buildings to reduce impurities and improve the quality of the air we breathe. In greatly elevated levels ozone eliminates tobacco smoke, its phenol gases and odours from such things as cooking, pets, mold, mildew and other sources of household odours. Disinfecting and purifying with ozone provides a much healthier home, atmosphere and environment.
Being a gas, Ozone infiltrates every space and absorbs into every fabric in its search for organic molecules. In doing so it effectively deodorizes, disinfects, and destroys many of the pathogens and fumes that pollute the air we breathe.

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Organic substances, like odours, are composed of hydrocarbon molecules. Ozone attacks these hydrocarbon molecules and then breaks them down into harmless substances like carbon dioxide, trace amounts of water and oxygen. Once those odours have been broken down, they do not come back unless the source that caused the odours in the first place is reintroduced into the area. After the elimination of odour and the ozone gas has completed the job, the ozone gas converts back into regular oxygen.

A molecule of ozone is made up of three atoms of oxygen and is highly unstable. One of the three oxygen atoms will readily split off from the molecule and attach itself to any particle or pollutant with which it comes into contact. The oxygen atom will proceed to oxidize that particle. This means it effectively ‘burns’ the particle, which in turn neutralizes any biological properties. As a result, the particle will no longer be toxic, and being unable to reproduce, it becomes completely harmless. And when the single oxygen molecule oxidizes the particle, it too is destroyed. All that remains is pure, clean O2 oxygen.

Did you or your pet get a visit from a neighborly skunk recently and it left that lingering skunk smell behind? Rampart’s Ozone Shock Treatment can eliminate that nasty smell from any interior area including your vehicle

  • Some of the uses for Ozone Shock Treatment
  • Eliminate Household Odours
  • Mold and Mildew Reduction
  • Reduce Indoor Air Pollution
  • Eliminate Fire and Flood odours
  • Eliminate Skunk Odours
  • Reduce or eliminate after Renovation / Construction odours

    Realtors and home owners why let a bad smelling home break that deal. Have the home treated with Ozone before it is listed!

The whole process takes place on location.
After discussing your unique needs I schedule an appointment to set up my Ozone generator along with two or three circulating fans to help with the process. If it is a whole house treatment I recommend that a minimum time of 48 hours be planned to be away from your home along with any pets, plants. No-one should enter the home while the treatment is in process except for myself or my assistant, which is why I will also request a key for access while you are away so I can monitor the treatment and move the equipment as needed in the home for full coverage.

The high concentration of Ozone during the treatment can irritate the sinuses and the eyes. The process is not harmful to foods or most clothing except some sporting equipment where there are natural rubbers in some of the fabrics. If there is a concern we can discuss it and perhaps even have it removed during the treatment process. After the initial treatment time line, I will set up exhaust fans for an hour or more dependent on how strong the Ozone smell remains to reduce the concentration of Ozone to a near normal level. There will be some lingering Ozone smell which will dissipate over a few days but should be so slight as to not cause any issues with anyone with asthma problems.

Viriditec is an innovative cleaning technology from O3Canada that infuses cold water with ozone gas to create aqueous ozone, a natural and robust cleaning solution. Viriditec eliminates the need to store and use most chemical cleaners. The unique properties of Viriditec help to control and even eliminate odours.
These are just some of the advantages to using a system like this:
It is always available because you no longer have to rely on remembering to order more cleaning solutions. This is just about all you will need. The system is simple to use. No elaborate training is needed. No special tools are required.
It is a cost efficient cleaning system, just cold water and electrical power. There are no strong odours because the main ingredient is water. As a matter of fact there are only two main ingredients in this cleaning solution. Water and Ozone.

Use a Viriditec Fill Station aqueous ozone system as a general cleaner to clean floors (tile, carpet, grout), clean high-touch surfaces, clean restrooms, and even wash hands.
Does the job of several cleaners in Residential Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, Grocery Stores, Hotels,
Fitness Centres, Commercial Office Buildings, Retirement Communities, Restaurants and Veterinary Hospitals.

Viriditec is cleaning made easy! For more information please visit the O3Canada web site at 

Ozone Odour Treatment Pricing

Residential Buildings


Up to 1500sq/ft $350
Each additional 200 sq/ft $30

Apartments / Condos

under 1100 sq/ $300
Each additional 200 sq/ft $30

Any Single Room

under 700 sq/ft $150
Each additional 100 sq/ft $20

1 or 2 Car Garage

under 700 sq/ft $175
Each Additional 50 sq/ft $20

Attics areas

under 800 sq/ft $225
For each Additional 100 sq/ft $30

Commercial Buildings

Please Call for Price estimate appointment
Based on application & size of area

Private Vehicles $100

Private Vehicles Automobiles and Non-commercial Trucks
Cars and trucks 1 ton and under Privately Owned

Commercial Vehicles $125

Commercial Trucks 5 ton and under Tractor trailer units Cab and Sleeper area only
Taxi's ( non-Limousine style only) Limousines

Recreational Vehicles

Motorhomes, Trailers and Campers $150 up to 20 ft long. $9 per unit ft/length after 20ft
Boats inside closed cab area only $100 up to 20ft hull length. $9 per unit ft/length after 20ft


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