Mold or Asbestos Inspection Process

Mold or Asbestos Inspection Process

What to expect when you decide to have a Mold or Asbestos Inspection

So you think you might have one of these undesirables in your home and you want to find out for sure. That is probably why you have contacted us. Mould spores are indeed everywhere in our lives, while asbestos is more localized and can remain safe if undisturbed. The only places mould spores may not be in any quantities are in extremely clean environments like possibly an operating room or sterile lab and we do not live in either of those.

First off I do not come into your home and look at it and tell you it is mould or asbestos. But if it is something else altogether and I know what it is I will tell you. I am not an alarmist and will only do what is best for you my client. I do not carry a mobile testing lab and do not assume anything. But by bringing the right equipment with me I can take all the required samples to be sent out to a qualified testing lab so that the actual results can be properly determined. Once you my client and I know what it is then and only then can I make a determination as to what would be a remedy if required.

I also do not show up in a vehicle with “MOULD TESTING” plastered all over it. Discretion is always my policy when it comes to my clients.

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Oh yes there will be lots of questions. I want to know where you think the mould or asbestos is. Whether it is visible or not. Sometimes it is not visible but can be there and the only indications are smell for mould, maybe personal physical reactions and you the client wanting a piece of mind to ensure it is or isn’t there. I ask lots of question to best determine the extent of testing you might require.

Like you I do not want to do more testing than is needed. I will also answer ALL of your questions honestly and truthfully, but please understand sometimes my answer may be I do not know. Under those situations I will try to find an answer for you. Unlike an actual mould presence an asbestos presence is odourless so unless it is visible it will be difficult to determine a location without being physically able to see it.

If this is to be a full inspection to determine whether mould is present and why it might or is there I will start with a exterior look at the property. Similar to a home inspection I will look for possible grading issues, roof cover issues, exterior trim and wall cladding issues any area that might allow water to get in where it shouldn’t be. These all can contribute to allowing mold to grow under the right conditions. Mold needs three basic items to grow. Temperature, food (anything organic) and moisture. Reduce or remove any one of these three ingredients and you drastically reduce the possibility of mould. This will take anywhere from one to one in a half hours depending on the size of the building being inspected.
Like the visual exterior inspection I will also look for possible water penetration areas during an interior inspection. Mainly concentrating on what I may have found externally but also around plumbing fixtures to ensure there are no leaks occurring. This will take anywhere from one to one in a half hours depending on the size of the building being inspected. For a possible presence of asbestos I will be examining old piping, furnaces and visible insulation (vermiculite pellets).
I carry a good quality moisture meter, a digital hygrometer to measure actual building humidity levels, an infrared digital camera, a regular digital camera and a sample collection test kit. Unfortunately where there are extreme cases of potential mould active and growing I will also carry personal protective gear for my own health.
There is air sampling done. This consists of at least two samples taken over approximately 20 minutes for each sample. One sample is taken either outside or in a controlled area inside the building. The other sample is taken in the area of concern. If required and there is actual visible evidence both swab and bulk samples can be taken. Where no actual determined area of mould or asbestos is found it may be required to take extra samples to locate the source or to prove mould or asbestos is in your home. Also where there is more than one floor level in the building then there will be at least one sample required from each level. Once all the samples have been collected they are sent to a lab that is certified through the Industrial Hygiene Association and meets or exceeds their certification process.
It will take a few days to send out and receive the information back from the lab especially if it is over a weekend or holiday period. All samples however will go out to the lab as soon as possible to ensure a quick turn around time. I will provide a full report on what was found in the testing as well as what would be the recommendation to you should the presence of mould or asbestos be determined. You will receive a copy of all the documentation I receive from the lab as well as explanations as to what was found. Finally I do hope that by carrying out this service for you I can give you the peace of mind that you want which is why you came to Rampart Inspections in the first place.

Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as posible.