Keeping Your Household Safe…The Staircase

What homeowner doesn’t want their household to be safe, especially in the home? After all it is the place they should feel the safest. Unfortunately, many injuries are caused by accidents within the home. It is a good idea, then, to do all we can to keep our homes well maintained so as to prevent as many accidents as possible. One area that should be taken care of is the staircase. Stairs can be particularly dangerous for households with young children, the elderly or even handicapped residents. Here are a few ideas to ensure the staircase is well maintained:
It’s important to take into consideration all stairs on the property. This would include any outside steps. These especially need regular maintenance. They should have the right amount of slope so that no water pools on or around them. Imagine the calamitous consequences if that water turns to ice.
Make sure all of the stairs are up to code, where possible. They need to be of equal height to prevent them from being a tripping hazard. Bannister’s must also be the correct width apart and not loose. A child could easily get their head stuck if the bannister’s are too far apart.

Handrails are another thing that can become loose and wobbly over time. As soon as you notice this happening, it should be fixed immediately, as this could become very dangerous for anyone relying on it for support when going up or down the stairs.
Check to see if there is good lighting both on as well as around the staircase. It is important that those using the stairs can clearly see where each step is.
If stairs are wooden, be careful to not over polish them. Also, if stairs are carpeted, check to make sure the carpet is not becoming loose.
Simple checks like these, should not take long, but they will go a long way to ensure the safety of you and your household.

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