Diverting Water from a Foundation

One of the most likely areas in a home to experience damp or flooding is the basement. The positioning of it below grade makes it prone to a number of damp related problems such as mould, poor air quality and even rotting foundations. While there are different causes for these issues, one way a basement becomes damp is when water pools around the foundation of the home. How can this be prevented?

Pooling often happens because of incorrectly installed, or leaking gutters and downspouts. It’s good to do a check of these to make sure they are properly installed and that gutters are clear and not blocked up. Downspouts need to be positioned to drain away from the house in order to prevent pooling, 10 feet away is best. In this way water is diverted away from the foundation.

Inadequate or uneven grade (or slope) can be another cause of water pooling around the foundation. To remedy this problem, you might have to even out some of the uneven areas.

Water can very often be a problem if your home is situated at the base of a hill or incline. One way to divert water away from the house is by creating small ditches known as swales. Ideally swales should be situated about 10 to 15 feet away from the house so as to prevent water runoff from reaching the buildings foundation.

There are various options for treating water damage in a basement but doing whatever we can to prevent it is the best option.

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