Diverting Water from a Foundation

One of the most likely areas in a home to experience damp or flooding is the basement. The positioning of it below grade makes it prone to a number of damp related problems such as mould, poor air quality and even rotting foundations. While there are different causes for these issues, one way a basement […]

Keeping Your Household Safe…The Staircase

What homeowner doesn’t want their household to be safe, especially in the home? After all it is the place they should feel the safest. Unfortunately, many injuries are caused by accidents within the home. It is a good idea, then, to do all we can to keep our homes well maintained so as to prevent […]

Stopping Mould Growth in Carpeting

Mould issues cause many problems, not to mention also posing a real health risk. With good reason then, we want to do all we can to prevent it from forming in our homes. One area that we may not always think about when it comes to mould is carpeting. However, carpet, given the right conditions, […]

Getting a Home Inspection…Should It be Optional?

Is moving to a new house part of your plans in the very near future? If it is, then you will already know how stressful just thinking about it can be.  So, what if you find a property that is perfect for you and your household, but it is a home in high demand and […]

Home Radon testing

Radon Gas exists everywhere as a naturally occurring decay product of uranium. Radon Gas is measured by collecting particles given off from the decay process of the gas over its half life of 3.8 days. This is because while scientifically we know there is Radon Gas there is no way to actually test it directly […]