Additional Inspection Services

Additional Inspection Services

We also offer these Additional Services

Outbuilding inspection for structures under 500 square feet provided for an additional $100 for each building.
  Multiple floor outbuildings will have an additional charge of $50 per floor.

We offer a separate roof only inspection so that as a home owner you can have the peace of mind knowing your roof survived our harsh winters without potential damage $200.

Please note that due to safety issues and the possibility of roof damage in our winter season all roof inspections until spring will be conducted from the roof edge or ground only depending on weather conditions.
Walking on roofs while not required as part of my SOP is still a good way to determine the actual condition. With the exceptions of metal or tile roof surfaces as well as full 2 storey roofs I will try to traverse every roof to get a good picture of what is going on up there for you.

Detailed perimeter fence inspection provided for an additional $80
    Includes conditions of all posts, fence rails, fence boards and operation of all gates.

Detailed deck inspection provided for an additional $100
Includes condition of entire accessible structure, condition of any railings and stairs, spacing of railing guards and stair tread rise / run.

I offer a separate deck only detailed inspection so as a homeowner you will have the peace of mind knowing your deck is safe and in good shape for your summer of enjoyment. $200

Detailed dock inspection (during vacation property inspection) provided for an additional $125

Includes condition of dock surface, flotation supports, ladder supports and shore anchor points.

I offer a separate detailed dock only inspection so as a vacation property owner you will have the peace of mind knowing your dock is ready for the busy summer ahead. $200

Re-inspection of property after noted repairs completed $150.

All properties under this service are subject to travel costs in excess of 80km (160 round trip) at $0.35 per km round trip.

Repairs must be completed within 6 months to qualify for this service.

This will require access to all drawn permits and contractors signed completion of work contracts to ensure all work has been done in accordance with local building codes.

While as an inspector it is not part of my scope of knowledge to know all local and provincial building codes Rampart will consult with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction in your area to ensure the repairs have been carried out properly and in accordance with local codes.

11 month Warranty Inspection Service

    Is the home you purchased coming closer to the time when the warranty is up?
    Rampart offers a home inspection service where I perform an inspection of all the unique features of your home to ensure you can be informed of any potentially costly problems before the first year warranty is over. $300
    If your new home was originally inspected by Rampart Inspections then this service is provided at a 50 percent discount provided it is completed prior to the first year anniversary of your possession date.

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